8 Best Guard Dogs for First Time Owner (with Pictures)

Finding the best guard dog being a first time owner should be fascinating and confusing.

Because there are 30+ best guard dog breeds available for first time owners.

And I know…you secretly like more than 2 guardian dog breeds if I’m not wrong 😉.

But there are more things you need to know about the guard dog breeds just than their appearance and breed name.

Don’t worry, I got you covered.

After thorough research, I’ve put together a list of the best guard dog for first time owner that will protect you and your family and be the best friend forever for your life.

Best guard dog for first time owner

Doberman pinschers

Doberman pinschers

Doberman pinschers originated in Germany. It has a sleek and athletic appearance. They’re also known as Dobie.

They’re highly energetic and smart dogs. You might already have spotted them in the police and military forces.

They’re fearless and loyal to the family owners. A well-trained Dobie can always be ready to protect their owners at any cost when in need.

Strangers should think once to come inside your house if you’ve got a Dobie sitting on the couch.

Dobie is trustworthy with the family’s children. And he likes to play with family members all day.

Since Doberman pinschers are a highly energetic breed you need to keep them busy physically or mentally.

A well-socialized Doberman pinscher will become the best guard dog for first time owner.

Doberman pinschers characteristics:

Height24 to 28 inches tall
Weight 60 to 80 pounds
Life span10 to 13 years
Color appearance black, blue, red, fawn, white

The Dobie has smooth and short coats which do shed. Although you don’t need to worry about frequent coat grooming.

Dobie doesn’t like extremely cold weather. You always find him sitting next to the fireplace in the winter.

Doberman pinschers are a healthy and low maintenance breed and ranked 18 in the AKC breed popularity index.

If you want a fearless, athletic-looking, highly energetic, and a loyal dog you might be like Doberman pinschers as your pet.



Boxer is a large muscular dog with a square-jawed face. I bet…you’ll get scared by seeing the boxer’s angry face.

No one will dare to come around by seeing the boxer’s angry face!

Although a boxer is loyal to his family members and trustworthy to the family’s children if trained well from childhood.

If you see in his eyes…you will find happiness and joy which will bring a smile to your face.

Boxer is an intelligent and high-energy dog that’s why rescue forces use boxers as team members.

Because of the high energy…you need to keep him busy mentally or physically otherwise he will get ill-tempered.

Boxer is a lapdog…don’t mind his size though. You’ll often find him sitting next to his family members.

He loves to spend time with his owners. He won’t like it if he finds himself alone in the house.

Boxer has the longest puppyhood span in the dog world. He needs 3 whole years to become mature from the puppy.

Boxer characteristics:

Height21 to 25 inches tall
Weight60 to 70 pounds
Life span10 to 12 years
Color appearancebrindle, fawn, white

Boxer has smooth and short coats which shed, especially in the spring. If you don’t like to drool all over the floor, you might hate the boxer since he drools.

And the boxer has a loud snore. So, if you give an office presentation from home you must keep your pup away 😉.

Btw, I like the dog who snores. It makes him more masculine. What’s your thought?

Although the boxer is a low-maintenance dog with high energy and loving nature. If you train and socialize him well from childhood…

…he turns out as a fearless and loyal protector of your family who loves to sit next to you if not in your lap.

Boxer has ranked 14 in the AKC breed popularity index.

Great Dane

great dane

Hey, do you like a giant dog? Let me introduce the Great Dane-a giant and loyal dog.

Great Dane is one of the oldest breeds among all the dog breeds. Probably 400 years old if not more.

Great Dane has a giant size that is alone enough to keep intruders and strangers at the bay.

When he barks…your neighbour will close his door due to the masculine sound if he is new in the town.

Although great Dane is patient and gentle…but he can become protective when in need.

Great Dane has a sleek and athletic body with a big head. Don’t mind…if everyone is looking at you in the park when you’re with your Great Dane.

Great Dane loves to play and is gentle with children.

This giant dog needs a lot of space to move around. So make sure you have enough space before bringing the puppy.

You must train and socialize him well from childhood. Otherwise, it will be hard to handle… 150 pounds of giant rolling in the park and chasing the squirrels.

Fortunately…Great Dane is easy to train.

Great Dane characteristics:

Height26 to 34 inches tall
Weight100 to 200 pounds
Life span7 to 10 years
Color appearanceblack, black and white, blue, brindle, fawn, harlequin, merle, mantle

Great Dane has short and smooth coats which do shed. Although you don’t need to worry about frequent coat grooming.

But you need to carry a towel to wipe out the drool!

If you want to bring the giant breed into your home…

…you need to invest more in food, veterinary services, grooming products, crates and most importantly a big vehicle to carry your big boy compared to other average sized breeds.

The giant size and gentle and protective nature is making Great Dane the best guard dog for a first time owner.

Great Dane has ranked 15 in the AKC breed popularity index.

Giant schnauzer

Giant schnauzer

There are two things…you’ll like the Giant schnauzer’s unique look or not!

I would call him a “bearded dog”. His unique personality makes him stand out from the crowd.

The giant schnauzer is a big dog with a commanding appearance. He is packed up with high energy and loves to play with his family members.

He gets bored and destructive if you don’t provide him with daily activities or exercise. So, if you’re busy in your day you should drop this breed from your list.

A long walk or jogging for an hour would make him happy.

Although the giant schnauzer is intelligent, loyal and protective to his master/family…but I do not recommend this breed if you’ve young children.

Giant schnauzer characteristics:

Height23 to 26 inches tall
Weight55 to 80 pounds
Life span10 to 12 years
Color appearanceblack, black and tan, pepper and salt, fawn

The giant schnauzer has a medium length wiry double coat that does shed. He needs frequent grooming to look better.

Giant schnauzer is an overall healthy breed but needs more effort to maintain its looks.

Giant schnauzer has ranked 67 in the AKC breed popularity index.

If you don’t have young children in the house and you’ve time to train and socialize your pup from childhood…

…then this intelligent and loyal Giant schnauzer breed will become the best guard dog for you being a first time owner.



Akita is a large, muscular ancient Japanese dog who is famous for his loyalty, dignity and courage.

When a child is born in Japan, the family usually receives a small statue of an Akita which represents long life, good health and happiness.

Akita has confidence and a powerful appearance. Strangers should think once if they spotted Akita in the house.

He usually doesn’t bark without a good reason. So, if you’ve complaining neighbours regarding dog barking, they will also like your pup 😉.

Akita usually gets aggressive if a stranger has seen in his eyes directly. Well trained Akita will welcome your guest if you’re with him.

Akita is loyal towards his owners and tends to get aggressive and protective if someone tries to hurt them.

You need to train and socialize your pup well from childhood. Akita sometimes get stubborn so don’t get shocked…if he doesn’t respond to your command.

If you are not willing to spend time training your pup in childhood, drop the idea of bringing Akita home.

He loves to spend time with his owners. You’ll always find him lurking your hand in his mouth to show you…how much he loves you.

Akita characteristics:

Height24 to 28 inches tall
Weight70 to 130 pounds
Life span10 to 13 years
Color appearanceblack, brown, brindle, fawn, red, white

Akita has a medium-length double coat which sheds a lot two times a year. He has drooling potential as well.

So, you’ll always find fur on the couch when Akita is in the excessive shedding phase.

If you don’t like the doggy smell you might need a good deodorizing shampoo for the Akita since he has little doggy odour.

But Akita tends to clean by licking himself like a cat. So, he will not need frequent baths.

He loves to carry things in his mouth. It would be great if you want your newspaper on the bed without waking up, your pup will do it for you 😉.

Akita has ranked 48 in the AKC breed popularity index.

Akita has been featured in “Hachi- a dog’s tale” Hollywood movie based on a true story. A dog named Hachiko waited 9 years for its owner(who died accidentally while coming home from work) in the train station.

If you’re an emotional person…don’t watch this movie, you’ll cry.

If you want a profoundly loyal and muscular dog who can protect you when in need with the downside of shedding, drooling and sometimes stubborn nature…

Akita will be the best guard dog for you.



Bullmastiff is a fearless, strong and large dog. He has a big face with wrinkles.

Bullmastiff goes well with the apartment living lifestyle since he is known as a “silent watchdog”. (your neighbour won’t bother by your pup’s excessive barking)

That doesn’t mean he won’t bark if the intruders arrive. Bullmastiff will do whatever to protect the loved one.

His confident and massive look is more than enough to scare intruders and keep them by the bay.

Bullmastiff doesn’t tolerate being alone. So, if you go outside for work every day…your pup won’t get bored or destructive.

Just set him a couch and he’ll welcome you when you return home.

Bullmastiff doesn’t need lots of exercise like other working dogs. A small walk in a day would meet his daily exercise needs.

He loves to spend time with his family members. You’ll often find him sitting next to you when you’re home.

Bullmastiff is a therapy dog all thanks to his calm nature. He has amazing patience…a great indication if you’ve young children in the family since bullmastiff does well with young children.

You need to train and socialize him well from childhood to make him a loyal and guardian dog.

Bullmastiff characteristics:

Height24 to 27 inches tall
Weight100 to 130 pounds
Life span7 to 9 years
Color appearancefawn, fawn brindle, red, red brindle, red fawn, red fawn brindle

Bullmastiff has smooth short coats which do not shed excessively. He is an easy to groom and low a maintenance dog.

You need to carry a towel all day, bullmastiff is a drooler.

Bullmastiff is brave, loyal and protector of the family and can be the best guard dog if you train and socialize him well from childhood.

Bullmastiff has ranked 55 in the AKC breed popularity index.



Rottweiler is a large and powerful dog. You’ll notice confidence while he walks, stands and sits on two legs.

You might have seen rottweilers into police and military forces.

Well trained Rottie is always loyal to his family and protects them at any cost when needed.

Rottie became aggressive if you’ve not trained and socialized him well from childhood.

Because of the high aggression and past bad incidents by Rottie…some of the areas have banned the rottweiler.

But still, the rottweiler stands among the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the world.

A well-bred and properly trained Rottie always turns out as a calm, confident, guardian and loyal dog to his family with lesser aggression.

Rottie loves to spend time with his family members. Some Rotties love to be a lapdog as well.

Rottweiler characteristics:

Height22 to 27 inches tall
Weight80 to 135 pounds
Life span9 to 10 years
Color appearanceblack and tan, black and rust, black and mahogany

Rottie has short smooth coats which shed heavily in spring and fall. Be ready to clean your couch and floor often if you want to bring this pup.

Although Rottie doesn’t require frequent grooming. And you won’t notice frequent barking as well. He only barks when in need.

Some Rottie does snore. Rottweiler often becomes a fat potato if you’re not monitoring his food intake.

Rottweiler has ranked 8 in the AKC breed popularity index.

So if you’re looking for a strong, confident and guardian dog breed…the rottweiler will be the best dog breed if you are willing to socialize and train him well from childhood.

German shepherd

German shepherd

Here is everyone’s favourite dog breed in the list of best guard dog for first time owner.

The German shepherd.

Agree with me or not but you like this breed secretly!

The German shepherd is a smart, fast and confident dog…you might have spotted him in police and military forces if not in your town.

He is full of energy and loves to do some physical tasks throughout the day. If he does not find anything to do…he will start to chew or bark to express his boredom.

A well-trained German shepherd is a great family dog. He is good with the family’s children and always ready to protect his loved ones when in need.

German shepherd characteristics:

Height22 to 26 inches tall
Weight50 to 90 pounds
Life span7 to 10 years
Color appearanceblack, black and cream, black and red, black and silver, black and tan

The German shepherd has medium length double coats which do shed heavily. The German shepherd is generally a healthy breed and doesn’t need frequent grooming.

He doesn’t like long separation from his family. If you stay away for a long period of time from home he must get destructive.

He likes to play with his human all day…thanks to his high energy.

The German shepherd has ranked 3 in the AKC breed popularity index.

So if you’re looking for a large, smart and guardian dog breed…the German shepherd will be the best dog breed for you if you’re willing to socialize and train him well from childhood.

Wrapping up:

Every dog breed listed above is the best guard dog for first time owner. You should check every detail possible before bringing a puppy.

So both you and your puppy won’t face any struggles.

Every Guard dog has a little bit of an aggressive nature…but if you train and socialize him well from childhood he can be a true protector of your family.

And he should keep intruders at the bay for sure.

Now I want to hear from you…which guardian breed you liked the most among all. Comment below.


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