How Many Times You Should Clean Dog Bowl in a Week?

Do you know?

According to NSF organization, pet bowls are the FOURTH germiest thing in our houses. 

Yes! Your pet’s bowls, Your dog’s bowl.

Clean dog bowl

Let me ask you a Question.

Could you wash your dish after a meal?

Yeah, yay. I know your answer. “Of course I wash my dish after every meal”

So, why don’t your dog’s bowls too!

Sad, I’m disappointed.

I have a dog at my house. My mother, father and even our neighbours love him. We don’t want to our dog’s suffer from any health issue just because of that dirty bowl. So, We always keep his feeder bowl clean after every meal.

Yes! You read it right. After every meal.

Our eyes are not able to see less than 0.1 mm size things. Some bacteria are so small that we couldn’t see them with naked eyes, and we thought that this place or thing is clean.

Most of the dog owners feed their dog’s dry kibble all the time. Sometimes dogs are so lazy to eat their whole food from the bowl.

After the eating of your dog, if the bowl has food left and you don’t clean it then yeast and other bacteria rise from the stale food that your dog left it.

That yeast and bacteria are no seeable so we thought that bowl has no germs and we feed again on that bowl without cleaning it.

If you feed on that bowl then next time that germs, bacteria and yeast directly stick with your dog’s food and going into your dog’s stomach. 

Those bacteria and yeast are very dangerous for your dogs. It causes your dogs vomiting or any other health problems. 

So, after every meal, you have to keep clean your dog bowl with hot soapy water. If you have a busy schedule or having a job then at the end of the day means in the night you clean your dog bowl with hot soapy water.

How many times you can clean your dog bowl?

After every meal or once in a day.

How to clean dog bowl?

It is an easy task. As you clean your dish you can do the same with your dog bowl, but remember always wash dog bowls separately from your home’s mess. Hot soapy water is the best way to keep clean your dog bowl every day. 

Which bowl is better for feeding to dog, plastic or stainless steel?

Both the bowls have their unique features. But I mostly prefer to use a stainless steel bowl over a plastic bowl.

Let’s discuss plastic bowl first. It is cheap and very lightweight even you can carry it with yourself while travelling with your dog.

Pros of plastic bowl:

  • Not much expensive
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy to move any place
  • Lightweight
  • Travel-friendly
  • You can use at both places: Indoor and outdoor
  • It is not broke after dropping from the heights

Cons of plastic bowl:

  • Some dogs are allergic plastic materials
  • Not eco-friendly

Stainless steel bowl is a little bit expensive than a plastic bowl. SS bowl is more durable than a plastic bowl. You can use SS bowl at anywhere, indoor as well outdoor.

Pros of the stainless steel bowl

  • More durable than a plastic bowl
  • Corrosion-free
  • Gives a shiny effect
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It is heavy, so your dog does not tip it
  • You can use it anywhere, indoor or outdoor
  • It is not broke after dropping from the heights

Cons of the stainless steel bowl

  • It is not available in different colors though it is SS
  • It is expensive than a plastic bowl

You could find a plastic bowl in cheaper price then the SS bowl but at the same time, SS bowl is more durable and not allergic to dogs.

So, that’s why I prefer SS bowl over a plastic bowl. 

How to long-lasting the bowl?

How’s your dog nature! Is he aggressive or calm?

If your dog is calm than I must say you are the luckiest person on earth. Calm dogs don’t waste your time. Not understand how!

Calm dogs eat the food very slowly and they do not sprinkle the food from bowl to floor area, so, they not waste your time for cleaning the floor after every meal.

At the other hand, aggressive dogs are very fast and messy eating their food and sprinkle the food to floor from the bowl and gain extra work for you to clean your floor after every meal.

So, if your dog is aggressive eater then you should buy a slow feeder bowl for him. Slow feeder bowl has ridges, mazes or edges inside it, so whenever you put food into the bowl, food stick inside the ridges and create little bit obstruction to eating food and take longer span for your dog to eat his food.

For long-lasting the bowl, after eating a meal you should put it at a safe place where your dog not reached. Clean the bowl every day so, it’s run for a longer span. 

Bottom Line

If you have a dog then you should always take care of his feeding, that he eats healthy and fresh all the time. Keep your dog’s bowl clean after every meal or once in a day with hot soapy water.


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