How To Take Care Of The Puppy- A Quick Guide

How to take care of the puppy
How to take care of the puppy


If you going to increase your family member with a little puppy, then it will always come to your mind that how to take care of that puppy?

The answer is simply that like as you treat your small children or small baby you will treat your puppy with the same in case of love and take care.

Puppies are cute, lovable, honest and kind. They only need is true love.

Puppies need good take care of them when they are too small because they don’t understand anything about how to survive on this planet so you have to take care of your little puppies.

Manage a separate space for puppy

This is the first step whenever you have to buy or take down puppy to your house, you have to manage a separate space for a puppy to sit, sleep and play.

Make a good comfortable space for the puppy. If possible do some invest in puppy’s tiny house, steel cage for a puppy, bed sheet, pillow, blankets.

When you have to take down your puppies to the home you have to separate space for your puppies, that puppies will be comfortably sitting, sleep or play with chew toys.

Make sure that you have the lock or away from all the chemicals from the floor before you take down the puppy into the home. Make sure to keep all electrical cords covered.

Avoid putting any dangerous and useful stuff to the carpet area of the house that where your puppies reach there and take it to the mouth. Keep that stuff away from the puppies.

Choose a puppy according to your climatic condition

Make sure before buying the puppy that where are you living? Is it cold weather? Is it hot weather?

Is cold weather is suitable for your new puppy? Is hot weather suitable for your new puppy?

Do research on that. Ask the puppies vendor about puppies living condition.

You do not take down any puppies to home that not sustain in the very hot region or cold region. So, be careful when selecting the puppies.

Naming your puppy

Naming to puppies is a very important part. Every person in the house has some different name so you can communicate with them with the help of that name. now puppy is also a member of your family then you should give a puppy a good name.

Consider some points in mind when you give your puppy’s name

  • It will be small and clear
  • It will be unique, that doesn’t mix with any other’s name or some other kind of stuff

After giving some good and unique name to puppy, always take name constantly when you come to your puppy. So the puppy understands that name and after the days passing puppy get knowing that it is his/her name.

Routine checkup to doctor and vaccine

When your puppy is small you have to take him/her to the vet, that if puppy goes to the vet from small age then he/she will comfortable with the vet’s environment after days.

The vaccine is really important for puppies.

Puppy’s vaccines schedule

  • When the puppies are about 6-8 weeks old Distemper, Measles and Parainfluenza vaccines are highly recommended
  • When the puppies are about 10-12 weeks old DHPP Vaccine is highly recommended
  • When the puppies are about 12-14 weeks old Rabies vaccine is highly recommended
  • When the puppies are about 12-16 weeks old DHPP and Rabies Vaccines are highly recommended
  • Every 1-2 years of the puppies DHPP and for every 1-3 years Rabies (As required by law) are highly recommended

Create a separate budget for puppy’s expenses

Creating a separate budget for your puppy help you in financial factor. Create some budget for puppy in monthly mode.

For creating a budget for the puppies you have to do take one notebook and pen and then write how much you will be gone to spend money for your puppies.

After getting budget for the puppies now you have the clear idea about how much money going to spend you in a month for puppies. Now write about the supplements, foods, chew toys, soap, shampoo, etc that you have to buy for your puppies.

We will sure you if you have created a specific budget according to your income you never going to in money inconvenience for your puppy.

If possible then we highly recommended taking health insurance for your lovable puppies that in future if anything happened to your puppies regarding any health issue then it will help you in financial.

Puppy needs fresh air

Fresh air is important for puppies too. You have to go with your puppies outside the house maybe it’s your garden, street, village or any other places. Puppies are free animal don’t take them all day in the home, take them outside the house and meet some new members.

Go outside with your puppies regularly so they will be comfortable with other puppies since childhood. So they do not shout on other puppies.

Puppy needs love

When you take home to your favourite puppy, he/she will be too small to understand any things that who is his/her mother, so he/she gets a little bit to confuse and getting sad for a while or some days.

With the time passing your puppy see you every day and he/she gets a little bit comfortable with you.

Small puppies need love, if you love them they do the same.

So, the first step is done love them. Touch them with your hand to their head. puppies love to massage their head. If you are going anywhere then say to a puppy that I’m going outside you take care of yourself and the house.

Now you asking me how puppy understand human’s language?

If any animal lives with the human, then they see the daily activity by human and hear their voices, so after time they will going to understand your language by your expression and voices.

Puppy needs food and water

Food is so important to the any of animals on this planet. Puppies also need food to sustain, but here take care of theme because puppies are too small in age they can’t digest heavy food.

Ask your vet to which food is good for your puppies. You can do more research on that on the internet by your breed. Here different breeds need different nutrients.

Milk is an important point for feeding the puppies. If you take down the puppy to your house in a very small age of puppy then he/she will only sustain on milk only. So, ask your pet about milk that which kind of milk is good for your puppy.

Give your puppies to the light and digestive food. You can give them premium food, homemade food, market-ready food anything that as your fix to your budget.

You have to invest in two different stainless steel’s bowls for feeding, one for food and another one for water.

Puppy needs to play

If we see our puppies playing in house, garden, on the terrace we can be going happy with seeing that beauty. Yes! Puppies look cute when they are playing by self.

Set Daily routine time for roaming to your puppies, we highly recommended the morning and evening times, this is the best time to puppies to feel fresh with roaming outside the home. They feel fresh and active.

If possible then buy chew toys or other toys playable toys for your puppies. Puppies have small teeth rising up in their younger age so they trying to chew something like your favourite canvas shoe, your important pages, your bad sheet or something else. If you want to do save of that you have to give the puppies to chew toys so, they will chew that and don’t spoil your important stuff.

Puppies are needs running, playing and doing some energetic stuff in the morning when they are wake up.

Set time and do training for nature’s call of puppies

Many puppies owners have the same problem regarding puppies potty and pee time, many puppies do potty and pees at anywhere in the house and that is not good. So how to prevent it?

From the childhood of puppies, you need to learn the puppies to do potty and pee at a specific time and specific places. If you follow the regular routine then puppies get comfortable with it and puppies get co-operate with it.

Puppy needs regular cleaning and bathing

Cleaning and bathing are so important for puppies. You have to train your puppies to do regularly bathing and cleaning because some puppies are afraid of bathing. If you do set routine for bathing to your puppies from childhood then it is good for future.

Twice in a week is good for puppies or once in a week is also recommended if your puppies go outside the house often and getting dirty.

For your puppy’s healthy and pretty looks you have to invest in a separate brush, comb, toothpaste and toothbrush for a puppy, tub, puppy’s soap, puppy’s shampoo, puppy’s conditioner and puppy’s towels.

Puppy needs grooming

Grooming is important for your puppies. With the ageing of your puppies, grooming is necessary.

Cut puppy’s nails on a regular period of time. For the cut down the nails, you have to invest in good nail cutters for puppies.

groom puppy’s hairs on a regular period of time. For this, you have to invest in some good trimmer in the market. Usually, not every breed need grooming but some breed need grooming constantly.

Train to your puppy

Training is necessary for your puppies.

What happens, if you ask your puppy to give a shaking hand?

If you train your puppies then your puppies going to give you a shaking hand, so training is necessary.

Exercises are good for the puppies. Do a good amount of cardio for better health.

Due to cardio blood circulation is going well and the oxygen supply also works very well.

Spend some good time with the puppy

Spending good time with your puppies is one of the big factors for the happiness of your puppies. If you spend a good time with your puppies then your puppies going to happy all the entire day.

If you are job person that 9 to 5 shift then makes some time to play with your puppies in the morning. Its been 10 minutes or 1 hour it depends on your time.

Puppies are in morning very energetic mood, they have to run, play, shout and many more energetic things to do. You have to spend some quality time with them when they are in an energetic mood.


Wrapping up!

All the points are written as personal experience and lots of research. if you know anything besides it then most welcome in the comment section.

which breed you have puppies and what the kind of shit you hated or liked them about tell us in the comment section.



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