7 Points to Keep in Mind Before Buying Dog Bowls

On the internet, thousands and thousands of dog bowl available and that’s why most of the people are facing trouble in selecting the best dog bowls for their dogs.

I have introduced you to some basic 7 points to keep in mind before buying dog bowls. let’s jump in…

Points to keep in mind before buying dog bowls

7 Points to Keep in Mind Before Buying Dog Bowls

What is your dog size

4 types of dog size are most popular in the world: small, medium, large and extra-large. The different dog breed has different size and their food intake per meal also varies from dog to dog. Large breeds need more food then small breeds, so their bowl size also bigger than smaller breed bowl.

For Large or extra-large dog breed, the elevated bowl is the best option, hence they get less friction to the neck area while eating food from the elevated bowl. 

For small breed, the elevated bowl is not suitable but in some cases company makes an especially elevated bowl for only small breeds according to their size.  

Your dog eating habits

Every dog has different eating habits. Some dogs love to eat slow, some dogs love to eat fast and some dogs love to mess the things here and there while eating the food.

If your dog is slow and peacefully eating his food then you are the luckiest person on the earth. You can choose any simple bowl for your dog. Remember, don’t buy slow feeder dog bowl for your dog if he already eating his food slow.

If your dog love to eat fast then your dog is more prone to affect the bloat. Bloat is a serious health issue in the dogs. In the market, various kind of slow feeder dog bowls available. That makes your day and save your dog’s life.

If your dogs love to mess the things then I wish that God gives you more strength. On Amazon, mess-free dog bowls available.

Are you a busy person?

If you doing 9-5 day job then for you it’s hard to maintain daily calories intake and hydration well for your dog. You can invest in the good automatic food feeder. It’s quite expensive than a regular bowl but worth it.

In the automatic food feeder, you can manually set the time of feeding and the food is come to the bowl from the container where you store the food. 

In some cases, it operates with the pre-installed app into your smartphone via wi-fi of the house. You have to just click one button, and food arrives in the bowl from the container. 

The automatic water bowl is great options for the dogs whose parent are not in the home in the day or even night time. It works the same as the automatic food feeder. 

So, if you are a busy person or you love to travel on the weekend and you tense about your dog’s feeding and hydration then automatic food feeder and automatic water bowl will definitely help you. 

Is your dog is a naughtiest one?

Some dog has a habit to tip over the bowl while eating food. It makes a mess around the home and sometimes if the bowl is made of ceramic then it would break too!

If your dog loves to tip over the food or water bowl then I suggest you, invest in the HIGH weighted dog bowls. The high weighted bowl is hard to tip over and you get your floor mess-free. You can easily find this kind of bowl on Amazon or in the Walmart store.

Is your dog loves to play with bowls?

Many dogs used to play with their food bowl after eating the food on it. If the bowl is made from delicate material then it would easily break down. 

If your dogs love to play with food bowl, then I must be recommended to invest in the plastic bowls, that is cheap and will not be affected easily if your dog plays with it. 

If you want to buy an expensive bowl and you worried about your dog playing with it, then after eating food by your dog you should put it at the safe place, where your dog does not reach.

How many types of bowls available in the market?

In the market, 8 types of dog bowl is the most popular. Every bowl has a different price point and different built quality.

Plastic bowl: It is made from the plastic material. It is cheap and lightweight. It is available in different color options.

Stainless steel bowl: It is made from stainless steel. It is corrosion free and a little bit heavy then plastic bowl. 

Ceramic bowl: It is made from ceramic or stoneware material. It has a premium look but expensive than a plastic bowl. It is easily getting broke if fallen from a certain height.

Automatic bowl: It is designed in the manner that, your dog getting water or food automatically to the bowl from the container. It is the most expensive bowl in all the category. 

Elevated bowl: It is most useful for large breeds. It has raised or elevated stand which is staying up at a certain height from the ground surface. On the elevated stand, the bowl is placed. 

Travel bowl: It is made from silicone material. It is available in different color options and in cheap price. It is the best choice if you travel with your dog.

Enhanced bowl: It has designed slightly enhanced from certain corner. It is mostly suitable for flat faces dogs like bulldogs, Frenchie, pug etc.

Slow feeder bowl: It has ridges, mazes or edges inside the bowl, so it would slow down the dog’s eating speed. If your dog is fast-eater, slow feeder bowl is best suitable. 

How much should I spend on the dog bowls?

It depends up to you. If you have enough money and you want toxins free and best bowl for your dog, then you definitely buy it for your dog. 

If you have a limited budget then I recommended you to buy a plastic bowl or stainless steel bowl because of their durability. 


On the internet thousands and thousands of bowls available for you. The question is which one is best suitable for your dog and fit very well in your budget.

Always, these 7 points keep in mind before buying dog bowls. Hope, this guide helps you to find the best dog bowls. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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