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Dogs, dogs, dogs…..

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I believe you are searching for the “dog training tips” and guess what, I have described top 11 dog training tips for you.

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Either you want to bring a new puppy or you have already a dog, these dog training tips definitely help you.

What happens, if your dog listens and responds on your all command? 

I know, I know, You will become the LUCKIEST person on the earth.


The hard truth, it is not possible without proper dog training. You have to train your dog the way, that your dog listens and respond to all your command.

Here, we don’t want to make our dog like a spy agent but we want to make him cleaver and the family-friendly dog that follow and enjoy whatever you asked him.

Now let’s move toward best dog training tips,

Dog training tips

Dog training tips

Be committed

Always be committed to taking care of the puppy before bringing him to the home. If you couldn’t be committed, I suggest you drop an idea to bring the puppy to the home.

Without commitment, you can never train your puppy effectively. By being committed, as well as by loving your puppy, you would have the necessary drive to do what needs to be done, in order to train him well.

Never lose hope and be positive

Learning is the slow process, you have to always remember dog training takes time. You need time and lots of patience while you train your dog or puppy. Never lose hope if your dog or puppy does not perform very well on his first day of training. 

Always be positive while you train your dogs. Don’t be frustrated while you training your dog. The dog can easily read your emotions and its effect on your dog’s training and behaviour. Dog loves a cheerful attitude. 

Your dog’s health is the first priority

Before starting any training make sure your dog is on his top health condition. If your dog is not feeling 100 percent well than his focus is low and he couldn’t perform very well in the training session.

Proper nutrients food is a requirement for the top healthy condition of the dog. Proper nutrients tend to better health and fast brain working, so he can more focus while you train him. 

Regular veterinarian checkup is necessary. The dog should be taken to a veterinarian for his regular checkups. 

The short name is awesome

The name of the dog should be small and clear, so when you speak out your dog name he can easily understand it and react to it. Use your dog’s name whenever you need to get his attention.

If you have just gotten him home, then you should use his name as often as you can, to get him oriented to it. whenever you are feeding him or go for walk with him or play with him, you should always call with his name.

Give proper shelter, food and water to the dog

If you allow staying dog inside your house, then no worry but if you don’t then make a perfect shelter for the dog. So, he can be protected by rain and snow and feels safe and secure.

If he feels safe and secure, he would be more adaptable to your training fast. Proper nutrients and water intake are important to perform various training session. 

Start with the basics first

You have to train your dog step by step. First, clear all the basics of training then go to the advanced training routine. 

For example, if you want to learn your dog “sit” command than first of all, learn him come closer when you called him by his name.

Always Reward your dog’s good behaviour

Who doesn’t like a reward! Everyone like rewards, dogs too. Always reward your dog when he did something good, so he can do it again in the future.

You can use a piece of meat, chicken or cheese as a reward. Whenever you see, that your dog listens and react to your command give him a reward. So, he can easily remember it and follow your command in the future.

Never punish your dog after calling him

Punishment just after calling your dog is very bad practice. Dog’s think, I followed my master’s command then why should he punish me, this can make him have second thoughts of approaching you whenever you call him.

Punish him instantly rather than after calling him. If he does anything wrong and misbehaving, punish him immediately. So, he can understand that the things he did is not right and he would be done not to do the same thing in the future.

Dogs can feel your voice tone

Dogs listen to your voice tone carefully and act on it. They can easily distinguish aggressive and soft voice tone and react according to it. 

Make dog training a fun activity

Dogs like fun. Design your dog training in a way of fun, so your dog gets to enjoy and train at the same time. Don’t forget to give treats in between the training session.

If you want to explore more brain training games, that gives fun to your dog and dog training too at the same time than I highly recommended to check out it here.

Dog trainers play an important role

Sometimes our dog doesn’t listen to our command. Sometimes we don’t understand the dog’s behaviour.  We are ended up losing hope after the bad training session experience. In this case, you have to look up for the help of the dog trainer. 

The dog trainer has the experience to train various kind of dog and they know about the dog’s behaviour. So, they can easily teach you the dog training method. 

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